Game – Pirate themed ARPG – Oceans Dark: Curse of Mithra (UE4)

I did all Game Design, UI Design, Programming and Level Design!!

Oceans Dark is a pirate themed Action RPG that combines third person camera with typical gameplay of topdown hack and slash games, like randomly generated items, heavy focus on killing large packs of enemies with Area-of-Effect skills, Elite monsters with a range of affixes/skills etc…

While Oceans Dark is set in a fantasy world, there are lots of references to the history of piracy in the real world! You can become a Sea Dog, or align your self with the Bootleggers who smuggled alcoholic beverages like Rum, or become a slave trader.

Fight viscous sea monsters while you try to lift the curse that was cast upon you when you took the treasure of Mithra. Fight other pirate factions in naval combat, or assault civilization on land to plunder their treasury!

Oceans Dark is a Action RPG designed to bring you thousands of hours of gameplay. There is a large focus on replayability in the designed gameplay mechanics.

Here’s a prototype from when we were 3 weeks in development!!!



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